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  1. OX-P050208-au-base_img
    OX Floor Scraper T Handle

    Product code: OX-P050208

    • professional all steel floor scraper
    • t grip handle for extra leverage and power
    • heavy duty spring steel blade
    • 1500mm overall height
    • blade width 204mm
    • replacement blade ox-p059809
  2. OX-P050314-au-small_img
    OX Floor Scraper wooden Handle

    Product code: OX-P050314

    • trade quality floor scraper to cleaning plaster and adhesive cement
    • hardwood handle
    • multiple bracing points for extra strength
    • 356mm width
  3. OX-P050408-au-small_img
    OX Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

    Product code: OX-P050408

    • heavy duty floor scraper
    • all steel construction
    • t-grip handle for better leverage and power
    • trapeziod spring steel blade
    • 1500mm overall length
    • blade width 200mm
    • replacement blade ox-p059609
  4. OX-P059714-au-small_img
    OX Floor Scraper Replacement Blades

    Product code: OX-P059714

    • heavy duty steel spring head scraper blade
    • replacement scraper blade for ox-p050314
    • 356mm width
  5. ox_trade_floor_scraper_all_steel_au-base_img
    OX Steel Floor Scraper
    • all steel trade lightweight floor scraper
    • powder coated finish
    • 1500mm length with multiple size blade width
    • spring steel replacement blade
    • 200mm - 500mm
  6. ox_trade_floor_scraper_blade_replacement_au-small_img
    OX Floor Scraper Blade Replacement
    • spring steel replacement blade for ox trade floor scraper
    • ox compatible scrapers ox-t050508, ox-t50512, ox-t050514, ox-t0505021

8 Items

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