OX Pro Rubberised Plastic Line Block

SKU: OX-P101502
Barcode number: 9341231001239

The OX Trade Series Rubberised Plastic Line Block, crafted for professional use, comes in a pack of 2 with a durable one-piece design. These line blocks are made of high-impact plastic for robustness and reliability on the job.

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Built with the tradesman in mind, the OX Trade Series Rubberised Plastic Line Block presents a pack of two meticulously crafted line blocks, tailored for professional use. These line blocks boast a durable one-piece design, ensuring reliability and longevity on the job. Constructed from high-impact plastic, they embody robustness, capable of withstanding the demands of rigorous construction tasks. The trade-quality rubberised plastic composition not only enhances durability but also provides a secure grip on the masonry line, facilitating precise and accurate alignments during bricklaying and other construction applications. The pack quantity of two ensures convenience and efficiency, offering a reliable and consistent toolset for tradespeople seeking precision and stability in their projects. The OX Trade Series Rubberised Plastic Line Block serves as a testament to OX’s commitment to delivering high-quality, professional-grade tools that meet the stringent requirements of trade professionals in the construction industry.

  • Trade quality rubberised plastic line block
  • One piece design
  • Pack quantity 2
  • High impact plastic

    Manufacturer Warranty

    90-Day Hassle Free