OX Pro Rubber Sponge Float

SKU: OX-P014014
Barcode number: 9341231010316

The OX Pro Rubber Sponge Float is a professional-grade rendering tool with a one-piece molded handle and blade, ensuring added strength. Its easily interchangeable sponges enhance convenience during work. Crafted from durable “sponge rubber” material and measuring 140mm x 280mm, it offers both softness and longevity, providing a smooth finish for rendering tasks in construction and masonry projects.

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Built with the tradesman in mind, the OX Pro Rubber Sponge Float is an exemplary tool for rendering, designed to meet the high standards of professional tradespeople. Featuring a one-piece molded handle and blade, this float is engineered for added strength and durability, ensuring it can withstand the demands of rigorous daily use. The thoughtful design allows for easy sponge swap-out, facilitating a seamless workflow and reducing downtime during rendering tasks. The soft and long-life rubber material of the float ensures a smooth and effective application, providing consistent results. With dimensions measuring 140mm x 280mm, this float strikes a perfect balance between portability and coverage, making it a versatile choice for various rendering applications. Whether you’re a seasoned tradesman or a professional in the construction industry, the OX Pro Rubber Sponge Float is a reliable companion, reflecting OX’s commitment to delivering high-quality tools tailored for the Australian market. Elevate your rendering experience with the OX Pro Rubber Sponge Float, a symbol of strength, efficiency, and innovation in construction tools.

  • Professional rubber sponge float for rendering
  • One piece moulded handle and blade for added strength
  • Easy sponge swap out
  • Soft & Long life rubber material
  • 140mm x 280mm

    Manufacturer Warranty

    90-Day Hassle Free