OX Pro Plexiglass Brick Jointer – 10mm

SKU: OX-P030210
Barcode number: 9341231022043

The OX Pro Plexiglass Brick Jointer features a DURAGRIP handle and a one-piece molded acrylic construction. Its non-stain acrylic is ideal for rolled joints and works well with light-colored mortar without burning. This tool is designed to ensure precise and clean finishing for brickwork, offering reliability and efficiency in masonry projects.

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Built with the tradesman in mind, the OX Pro Plexiglass Brick Jointer stands as a testament to functionality and efficiency in masonry work. Crafted with a DURAGRIP handle, this tool ensures a secure and comfortable grip, enhancing precision during use. Constructed from a single piece of moulded acrylic, this jointer offers exceptional durability and reliability on the job. The non-stain acrylic material is specifically designed for rolled joints, maintaining its integrity even with light-coloured mortar. Its unique composition prevents burning, making it an ideal choice for intricate masonry work requiring finesse and attention to detail. OX understands the demands of the trade, providing a brick jointer that embodies durability, precision, and adaptability, ensuring seamless integration into the mason’s toolkit for superior results.

  • DURAGRIP handle
  • One piece moulded acrylic
  • Non stain acrylic for rolled joints
  • Used for light coloured mortar - doesn't burn

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