OX Pro Electricians Chisel

SKU: OX-P092002
Barcode number: 5060242334573

The OX Pro Electricians Chisel is a professional-grade tool, crafted from drop-forged chrome vanadium steel for exceptional durability. It features a dual rubber hand guard, providing protection while striking. The OXGRIP soft grip handle ensures comfortable use during chiselling applications on wood, wallboard, and masonry.

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Built with the tradesman in mind, the OX Pro Electricians Chisel embodies the pinnacle of professional-grade craftsmanship. Constructed from drop-forged chrome vanadium steel, this chisel ensures exceptional durability even under rigorous usage. Its design prioritises safety and precision, featuring a dual rubber hand guard that provides unparalleled protection during striking applications. This innovative addition minimises the risk of hand injuries while maintaining optimal performance. The inclusion of the OXGRIP soft grip handle further elevates user experience, guaranteeing comfort during prolonged chiselling tasks on various materials, including wood, wallboard, and masonry. The versatility of this tool extends across multiple surfaces, showcasing its adaptability and reliability in diverse trade applications. Whether employed for intricate woodwork or heavy-duty masonry tasks, the OX Pro Electricians Chisel stands as a testament to OX’s commitment to delivering professional-quality tools that merge durability, safety, and comfort seamlessly.

  • Professional quality Electrician Chisel
  • Drop forged chrome vandium steel for durability
  • Dual rubber hand guard for striking protection
  • OXGRIP soft grip handle
  • Chiseling applications include wood, wallboard and masonry

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