OX Pro Brick Bolster – 4.5-Inch

SKU: OX-P092345
Barcode number: 5060242339424

The OX Pro Brick Bolster is forged from durable chrome vanadium steel for resilience. Its dual rubber hand guard provides protection during striking, while the OXGRIP soft grip handle ensures comfort during use. Ideal for cutting and splitting bricks, this bolster comes in 3-Inch and 4-Inch sizes, offering versatility and reliability for various masonry applications.

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Built with the tradesman in mind, the OX Pro Brick Bolster showcases a robust construction that withstands rigorous use, ensuring reliability over time. Featuring a dual rubber hand guard, it provides striking protection, enhancing safety during intense work. The inclusion of the OXGRIP soft grip handle not only augments comfort but also facilitates a secure hold, enabling precise control while cutting and splitting bricks. With versatile applications in cutting and splitting bricks effortlessly, this brick bolster comes in 3-Inch and 4.5-Inch sizes, catering to various project needs.

  • Professional quality Brick Bolster
  • Drop forged chrome vandium steel for durability
  • Dual rubber hand guard for striking protection
  • OXGRIP soft grip handle
  • Applications for cutting and splitting bricks

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