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  1. OX-P085906-au-small_img
    OX Mini Sledge Hammer

    Product code: OX-P085906

    • trade quality mini sledge hammer
    • drop forged heat treated carbon steel head for longer life
    • high quality 400mm long hickory handle
    • clear lacquer coating to prevent corrosion and rust
    • milled hammer face with chamfered edges to improve striking applications
    • tapered eye hole to prevent accidental handle pull out
    • 6lb
  2. OX-T082004-au-small_img
    OX Fibreglass Demolition Hammer

    Product code: OX-T082004

    • small steel head demolition hammer
    • solid core fibreglass handle
    • hardened and tempered steel head for durability
    • rubber ergonomic grip
    • 4lb
  3. ox_professional_sledge_hammer_wooden_handle_au-small_img
    OX Hickory Sledge Hammer
    • hickory handle sledge hammer for demolition
    • hardened high quality drop forged steel head
    • fitted with steel wedges
    • 4lb - 14lb
  4. ox_trade_sledge_hammer_fibreglass_handle_au-small_img
    OX Fibreglass Sledge Hammer
    • fibreglass handle sledge hammer for demolition work
    • hardened and tempered steel forged head for longer life
    • solid core fibreglass handle with rubber overmould grip
    • 7lb - 14lb

4 Items

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