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  1. OX-P010208-au-small_img
    OX Angular Poly Float

    Product code: OX-P010208

    • professional angular polyurethane float
    • one piece moulded for longer life
    • high quality material made in eu
    • 80mm x 260mm
  2. OX-P010830-au-small_img
    OX Perforated Sponge Float

    Product code: OX-P010830

    • professional quality perforated sponge float
    • lightweigt zinc plated perforated blade
    • easy to clean
    • special fine cell sponge for better absorption
    • duragrip handle for better ergonomics
    • 130mm x 300mm
  3. OX-P012027-au-small_img
    OX Pointed Plastic Float

    Product code: OX-P012027

    • trade quality pointed plastic float
    • high strength abs plastic
    • diamond patterned base
  4. OX-P012718-au-small_img
    OX Boat Shaped Polystyrene Float

    Product code: OX-P012718

    • high quality polystyrene boat shaped float
    • one piece moulded for added strength
    • 205mm x 350mm
  5. OX-P014014-au-small_img
    OX Rubber Sponge Float

    Product code: OX-P014014

    • professional rubber sponge float for rendering
    • one piece moulded handle and blade for added strength
    • easy sponge swap out
    • soft - long life "sponge rubber" material
    • 140mm x 280mm
  6. OX-P019813-au-small_img
    OX Replacement Sponge

    Product code: OX-P019813

    • specialized sponge compound
    • render specific absorbtion
    • 130mm x 300mm
    • suits ox-p010830 sponge float
  7. OX-P019914-au-small_img
    OX Rubber Replacement Sponges

    Product code: OX-P019914

    • long life sponge rubber material
    • self adhesive backng and pre-glued for easy adhesion
    • 140mm x 280mm
    • suits ox-po014014 rubber float
  8. OX-P402414-au-small_img
    OX Yellow Sponge Float

    Product code: OX-P402414

    • professional yellow sponge float for sandy surfacesl
    • fine cell foam pad bonded to aluminium backing pad
    • 28mm thick foam pad for longer life
    • oxgrip wide grip ergonomic handle
    • 140mm x 280mm
  9. OX-P402514-au-small_img
    OX Yellow Replacement Sponges - Pack of 7

    Product code: OX-P402514

    • professional yellow sponge float for sandy surfacesl
    • 28mm thick foam pad for longer life
    • suits ox-p402414
    • 140mm x 280mm(pack of 6)
  10. ox_professional_polystyrene_float_au-small_img
    OX Polystyrene Float
    • lightweight high quality polystyrene plaster or render float
    • one piece moulded foam for added strength
    • 140mm x 260mm and 180mm x 320mm
  11. OX Polyurethane Float
    OX Polyurethane Float
    • one piece float for rendering and plastering finshing work
    • high quality polyurethane for longer life
    • multiple sizes

13 Items

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