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  1. ox pro adjustable basin wrench_small-img
    OX Pro Adjustable Basin Wrench

    Product code: OX-P448401

    • telescopic basin nut wrench
    • reversible jaw for easy access
    • 4 adjustment sizes
    • 10 to 32mm jaw capacity
  2. ox pro heavy duty self locking wrench 10inch Ð 34mm jaw_small-img
    OX Pro Heavy Duty Self Locking Wrench 10inch Ð 34mm Jaw

    Product code: OX-P560110

    • ox strength self locking grip
    • grips stainless steel tubes
    • super lightweight aluminium handle
  3. ox pro series adjustable stubby wrench extra wide jaw 7Ó (180mm)_small-img
    OX Pro Series Adjustable Stubby Wrench Extra Wide Jaw 7Ó (180mm)

    Product code: OX-P560507

    • short handled wrench for access in restricted spaces
    • 0 - 53mm ultra wide opening slim jaws
    • dipped handle for comfort
    • heavy duty build for long life
  4. ox pro multi angle wrench_small-img
    OX Pro Multi Angle Wrench

    Product code: OX-P560610

    • 180 deg quick action adjustable handle
    • 10 individual lockable handle positions
    • fully adjustable jaw up to 53mm.
    • lightweight aluminium handle for strain free all-day use.
    • perfect for use in restricted areas
    • suitable for use on all pipe materials.
    • heavy duty construction
    • quick and easy to use
  5. OX Pro Stillson Wrench
    OX Pro Stillson Wrench
    • forged from high quality steel
    • deeply grooved jaws for instant grip and ratcheting action
    • hardened and tempered steel adjustment nut
  6. ox pro ultra wide jaw adjustable wrench - 6"_small-img
    OX Pro Ultra Wide Jaw Adjustable Wrench
    • ultra-wide jaw opening
    • 12inch - 60mm wide jaw opening / 10inch - 50mm wide jaw opening / 8inch - 38mm jaw opening / 6inch - 34mm wide jaw opening
    • slim head design for access to tight spaces
    • measurement scale on jaw
    • precision hardened for durability
    • soft grip handle
  7. pro_adjustable_wrench_au_au-small_img
    OX Wide Jaw Adjustable Wrench
    • narrow head design for limited space applications
    • laser marked jaw scale
    • extra wide jaw capacity opens wider than standard adjustable wrenches
    • soft grip handle

7 Items

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