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  1. OX-P020108-au-base_img
    OX Metric 8m Tape Measure

    Product code: OX-P020108

    • trade quality duragrip 8m tape measure
    • duragrip moulded rubber case for comfort and drop absorption
    • 25mm wide metric blade
    • triple rivetted hook end
  2. OX-P029308-au-small_img
    OX Stainless Steel 8m Tape Measure

    Product code: OX-P029308

    • professional quality 8m tape measure
    • 30mm extra wide nylon coated blade to prevent tearing
    • 3.0m stand out for long throw measurements
    • large numbers for easy reading
    • stainless steel rubber overmoulded case for durability
    • large end hook for easy hooking onto studs
  3. OX-P504858-au-small_img
    OX Stainless Steel Tape Measure Twin Pack

    Product code: OX-P504858

    • trade quality 2 piece tape measure pack
    • 30mm wide nylon blade and 3.0m standout
    • stainless steel case with rubber overmold for added protection durability
    • new slim line hook design with dual magnets for tight access
    • 5m and 8m tape
  4. ox_trade_tape_measure_au-small_img
    OX Trade Tape Measure
    • trade tape measure in 8m and 10m length
    • ergonomic rubber overmould grip
    • nylon coated 25mm steel blade
    • quick release button

4 Items

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