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  1. OX-P220801-au-small_img
    OX Trade Utility Knife

    Product code: OX-P220801

    • trade quality utility knife
    • tool less quick blade change mechanism
    • integrated blade storage cartridge in the back of the handle
    • ergonomic grip for each of use
    • dual cutting position
  2. OX-P221301-au-small_img
    OX Folding Utility Knife

    Product code: OX-P221301

    • compact foldable knife with fast blade change action
    • easy access 2 blade storage in handle
    • large button press flip open mechanism for safety
    • full metal construction
    • all utility blade compatible
  3. OX-P222010-au-small_img
    OX Replacement Utility Knife Blades

    Product code: OX-P222010

    • superior industrial replacement utility knife blades
    • fits all standard utility knives
    • special heat treated and sharpened
    • dispenser pack for clean and safe access
    • 10 pack
  4. OX Trade Snap Off Knife - 18mm (24pk)
    OX Trade Snap Off Knife - 18mm (24pk)

    Product code: OX-T224018-24

    • display box of 24pcs
    • 18mm snap off blade
    • auto lock feature
    • rubber grip
    • removable end cap to use to snap blades
  5. OX Twin Pack Utility Knives
    OX Twin Pack Utility Knives

    Product code: OX-T432602

    • 1pc retractable utility knife (metal casing)
    • tpr grips for added comfort
    • 1pc lock back knife with quick change blade function
    • foldable design
    • bonus 5pk blades

5 Items

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